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U1-U10. Extra Points

2017.03.03 07:15

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U1. Give two actions of the group of points Sishencong.

Answer: Any two of the following: extinguish interior Wind, calm the Mind, brighten the eyes, benefit the ears.

사신총(四神聰)() 가지 작용은?

() 다음 가지: 식풍(熄風), 안신(安神), 명목(明目), 이이(利耳)


U2. What is the location of the point Taiyang?

Answer: 1 cun posterior to the midpoint between the lateral end of the eyebrow and the outer canthus.

태양(太陽)() 혈위(穴位)?

() 미초(眉稍) 외안각(外眼角) 사이의 중점(中點)에서 향후 1()()


U3. Give the location and the action of Bitong.

Answer: Bitong is on the side of the nose, at the highest point of the nasolabial groove. It has the action of opening the nose.

비통(鼻通)() 혈위(穴位) 작용(作用)?

() 비방(鼻旁), 비순구(鼻脣溝) 상단(上端) 끝나는 . 개비(開鼻)작용


U4. Give three extra points that specifically regulate the Uterus and menstruation, and locate them on your own body.

Answer: Jingzhong (on the lower abdomen, 3 cun from the midline, level with Ren-6 Qihai); Qimen (on the lower abdomen, 3 cun from the midline, level with Ren-4 Guanyuan); Zigong (on the lower abdomen, 3 cun lateral to Ren-3 Zhongji).

자궁(子宮) 월경(月經) 조절하는 작용을 가진 3개의 경외기혈(經外奇穴) 들고, 혈위(穴位) 자신의 몸에 집어보시오.

() 경중(經中)() (하복부 복부정중선 3 기해(氣海)()), 기문(氣門)() (하복부 복부정중선 3 관원(關元)()), 자궁(子宮)() (하복부 복부정중선 3 중극(中極)())


U5. Which extra point is used in acute asthma attacks, and where is it located?

Answer: Dingchuan, located 0.5 cun lateral to Du-14 Dazhui.

급성(急性) 천식(喘息) 사용되는 경외기혈(經外奇穴)? 그리고 혈위(穴位)?

() 정천(定喘)(), 대추(大椎)() () 0.5


U6. Complete the following: ‘The point Jingong nourishes the _______-_______, and is located on the back, 0.5 cun lateral to the point __-__ ______.’

Answer: ‘The point Jingong nourishes the Kidney-Essence, and is located on the back, 0.5 cun lateral to the point BL-52 Zhishi.’

다음을 완성하시오: 정궁(精宮)() ________ 자양(滋養)하는 작용이 있는데, ______() () 0.5촌에 위치.

() 정궁(精宮)() 신정(腎精) 자양(滋養)하는 작용이 있는데, 지실(志室)() () 0.5촌에 위치.


U7. What are the two main actions of the Huatuojiaji points?

Answer: They regulate the Internal Organs and benefit the back and spine.

화타협척(華陀夾脊)() 가지 () 작용(作用)?

() 조리(調理)장부(臟腑), ()척배(脊背)


U8. Which extra point is an excellent choice to treat lower backache (with the ache towards the sacrum)?

Answer: Shiqizhuixia.

어느 경외기혈(經外奇穴) 요통(腰痛) (천골(薦骨) 방사(放射)토는 통증) 치료하는데 탁월한가?

() 십칠추하(十七椎下)()


U9. Where are the Sifeng points located, and which patients are they mostly used on?

Answer: The Sifeng points are on the palmar surface, in the transverse creases of the proximal interphalangeal joints of the four fingers. They are mostly used on children.

사봉(四縫)() 위치는? 어떤 환자에게 주로 상용되는가?

() 장면(掌面)(손바닥 ), 4개의 손가락(2,3,4,5) 근위지관절 횡문( 중점), 소아(小兒) 사용


U10. Where is Lanweixue, the appendix point, located?

Answer: On the Stomach channel at the most tender spot in between ST-36 Zusanli and ST-37 Shangjuxu (on the right leg only).

난미혈(蘭尾穴)의 혈위(穴位)?

() 위경(胃經)의 족삼리(足三里)()과 상거허(上巨虛)() (우측다리만 해당) 사이의 부드러운 지점 (족삼리하 2)