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N1-N10. Kidney Meridian

2016.11.11 14:18

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N1. Using your finger, trace the pathway of the Kidney channel on your own body.

손가락을 이용하여, 당신 자신의 몸에 신경(腎經) 유주(流注) 따라 가보세요.


N2. What aspect of the Kidneys does KI-3 Taixi tonify?

Answer: It tonifies all aspects of the Kidneys (Yin, Yang, Kidney-Essence, etc.).

태계(太溪)()은 신경(腎經)의 어느 방면(方面)을 보()하는가?

()  신경(腎經)의 모든 방면(方面)을 보()한다 ((), (), 신정(腎精) )


N3. Which point, by virtue of being the Connecting point, can ‘lift’ the spirit of a person who is exhausted and depressed because of chronic Kidney deficiency?

Answer: KI-4 Dazhong.

만성적(慢性的) 신허(腎虛) 인하여 () 피폐(疲弊)되고 억울(抑鬱) 사람의 () 끌어올릴 있는 경혈(經穴)?

() 대종(大鐘)()


N4. Name one of the actions of KI-5 Shuiquan.

Answer: One of the following: benefits urination, regulates the uterus and menstruation.

수천(水泉)() 작용(作用) 나열하시오.

() 다음 중의 하나: 이뇨(利尿), (調)자궁(子宮) 조경(調經)


N5. Which Kidney point is important in the treatment of chronic eye diseases associated with Kidney deficiency (e.g. in old people).

Answer: KI-6 Zhaohai.

신경(腎經) 어떤 경혈(經穴) (노인(老人) 있어서) 신허(腎虛) 동반한 만성(慢性) 안질(眼疾) 요혈(要穴)인가?

() 조해(照海)()


N6. Which is the Metal point on the Kidney channel?

Answer: KI-7 Fuliu.

신경(腎經) 금혈(金穴)?

() 부류(復溜)()


N7. Give two of the main actions of KI-9 Zhubin.

Answer: Two of the following: calms the Mind and opens the Mind’s orifices, tonifies Kidney-Yin, opens the chest, regulates the Yin Linking Vessel.

축빈(築賓)() 주요(主要) 가지 작용(作用)?

() 다음 가지: 안신(安神), ()심규(心竅), ()신음(腎陰), 개흉(開胸), (調)음유맥(陰維脈)


N8. Other than nourishing Kidney-Yin, what is the other main action of KI-10 Yingu?

Answer: It resolves Dampness from the Lower Burner.

()신음(腎陰) 이외(以外)에 음곡(陰谷)()의 다른 주요(主要) 작용(作用)?

() 하초(下焦)의 제습(除濕)/화습(化濕)


N9. Which is the most important Kidney point of the Penetrating Vessel to move Qi and invigorate Blood in the lower abdomen and Uterus?

Answer: KI-14 Siman.

소복(小腹) 자궁(子宮) 행기(行氣) 활혈(活血) 좋은 신경(腎經) 경혈(經穴) 충맥(衝脈) 요혈(要穴)?

() 사만(四滿)()


N10. With which area is KI-16 Huangshu associated?

Answer: With ‘Gaohuang’, the space between the heart and the diaphragm.

황유(肓兪)혈은 어느 부위(部位) 연관(聯關) 있나?

() 고황(膏肓)() 아울러 () 횡격막(橫膈膜) 사이