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L1. Using your finger, trace the pathway of the Small Intestine channel on your own body.

손가락을 이용하여, 당신 자신의 몸에 소장경(小腸經) 유주(流注) 따라 가보세요.


L2. Give three actions of SI-1 Shaoze.

Answer: Any three of the following: expels Wind-Heat, extinguishes Wind and opens orifices, removes obstructions from the channel, clears Heat, subdues rebellious Qi, promotes lactation.

소택(少澤)() 가지 작용(作用)?

() 다음 () 가지: 거풍열(祛風熱), 식풍개규(熄風開竅), 통경락(通經絡), 청열(淸熱), 강역기(降逆氣), 통유즙(通乳汁)


L3. Which three channels in the occipital region are affected by SI-3 Houxi?

Answer: Governing Vessel, Small Intestine channel and Bladder channel.

후계(後谿)() 의하여 영향(影響) 받는 개의 경맥(經脈)?

() 독맥(督脈), 소장경(小腸經), 방광경(膀胱經)


L4. Which two sense organs are affected by SI-5 Yanggu?

Answer: Eyes and ears.

양곡(陽谷)() 의하여 영향(影響) 받는 감각기관(感覺器官)?

() (), ()


L5. Which Small Intestine point is a Window of Heaven point?

Answer: SI-16 Tianchuang.

소장경(小腸經) 경혈(經穴) () 천창혈(天窓穴)?

() 천창(天窓)()