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Five-Element Pattern

2016.10.10 21:56

Simon Kisoo Song Views:1298

1. Which organ pattern corresponds to the pattern of Wood not generating Fire?

Answer: Deficient Gall Bladder.

어떤 장부변증(臟腑辯證) 오행변증(五行辯證) 목불생화(木不生火)” 해당하는가?

() 담허(膽虛)()


2. Describe the symptoms and their pathology caused when Earth does not generate Metal.

Answer: Phlegm in the chest, cough and tiredness caused by a deficient Spleen leading to the formation of Phlegm, which obstructs the Lungs.

토불생금(土不生金)” 경우 증상(症狀) 병리(病理) 열거하시오.

() 비허(脾虛) 인하여 생담(生痰) 되어 흉중(胸中)(), 해수(咳嗽), 피곤증(疲困症)  


3. Identify the following clinical manifestations in terms of their Five-Element sequence pattern: dizziness, blurred vision, headaches and vertigo.

Answer: Water not generating Wood.

오행변증(五行辯證)의 측면에서 다음의 임상(臨床) 증상(症狀)(현훈(眩暈), 시물모호(視物模糊), 두통(頭痛), 어지름증)을 설명하면?

() 수불함목(水不涵木)


4. If a patient has multiple symptoms involving the Lungs but has a yellow face, where, do you suspect, lies the origin of the disharmony?

Answer: In the Earth Element (the face colour usually shows the origin of the disharmony).

환자가 () 관련 있는 여러 증상(症狀) 있고 면색(面色) 누렇다면 부조화(不調和) 근원(根源) 어디에 있다고 의심하는가?

() () (면색(面色) 대개 부조화(不調和) 근원(根源) 보여준다)


5. Which Internal Organ pattern corresponds to the pattern of Fire insulting Water?

Answer: Kidney and Heart not harmonized or Kidney- and Heart-Yin deficiency with Empty-Heat.

어느 장부변증(臟腑辯證) 오행변증(五行辯證) “화모수(火侮水)” 해당하는가?

() 심신불교(心腎不交)() 혹은 심신음허(心腎陰虛) 인한 허열(虛熱)”()