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J1-J5 (Gall Bladder Patterns)

2016.09.28 06:10

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J1. Upon which organ function does the Gall Bladder’s function of storing and secreting bile depend?

Answer: On the Liver, ensuring the smooth flow of Qi.

() 담즙(膽汁) 저장(貯藏) 분비(分泌) 어떤 장부(臟腑) 공능(功能) 의존(依存)하는가?

() () 소설(疏泄)공능(功能)


J2. Which two aetiological factors can lead to the pattern Dampness in the Gall Bladder?

Answer: External Dampness and excessive consumption of greasy–fatty and dairy foods.

어느 가지 병인(病因) 담낭습(膽囊濕)() 유발하는가?

() 외습(外濕) 비니(肥膩) 음식(飮食)이나 유제품(乳製品) 과다(過多) 섭취(攝取)


J3. What tongue coating would you expect in the pattern Damp-Heat in the Gall Bladder?

Answer: A thick, sticky, yellow coating, either bilateral in two strips or unilateral.

담낭습열(膽囊濕熱)()에는 어떠한 설태(舌苔) 예상되는가?

 () 후니황태(厚膩黃苔) 줄로 양쪽이나 한쪽에 형성 


J4. Which Western disease is often associated with a diagnosis of Damp-Heat in the Gall Bladder?

Answer: Cholelithiasis or stones in the Gall Bladder.

담낭습열(膽囊濕熱)() 진단과 종종 연관(聯關) 있는 양방(洋方) ()?

() 담석증(膽石症) 혹은 담낭(膽囊)결석(結石)


J5. What is the aetiology of the pattern Gall Bladder deficient?

Answer: This is something of a trick question, as there is no actual aetiology as such; rather this pattern describes a certain character of the person rather than a set of clinical manifestations.

담낭허(膽囊虛)() 병인(病因)?

() 약간 계교(計巧) 있는 질문(質問)으로, 그러한 실제적(實際的) 병인(病因) 없고오히려 () 병증(病證) 임상적(臨床的) 병증(病症) 집합체(集合體)라기보다는 인격(人格) 표현임