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H1. Complete the following: ‘The Small Intestine transforms food in coordination with the ______, whilst it transforms fluids in coordination with the _______ and ______-____.’

Answer: ‘The Small Intestine transforms food in coordination with the Spleen, whilst it transforms fluids in coordination with the Bladder and Kidney-Yang.’

다음을 완성(完成)하시오. “소장(小腸) ____ 협조로 수곡(水穀) 전화(轉化)하고, 반면(反面) ________ 협조로 수액(水液) 전화(轉化) 한다.

() 소장(小腸) () 협조로 수곡(水穀) 전화(轉化)하고, 반면(反面) 방광(膀胱) 신양(腎陽) 협조로 수액(水液) 전화(轉化) 한다.


H2. Long-term sadness can affect the Small Intestine, causing which particular mental symptoms?

Answer: Loss of mental clarity, discrimination and the capacity for sound judgement.

오랜 슬픔은 소장(小腸) 영향(影響) 있어 어떤 특별한 신지(神志)방면의 증상(症狀) 유발하는가?

() 정신(精神) 명료(明瞭), 변별력(辨別力), 건전(健全) 판단력(判斷力) 상실(喪失). 


H3. Full-Heat in the Small Intestine is usually associated with which pattern?

Answer: Heart-Fire blazing.

소장실열(小腸實熱)() 주로 어느 병증(病證) 연관되나?

() 심화항성(心火亢盛)


H4. A patient presents with the pattern Small Intestine Qi pain. What would be the person’s reaction to pressure on the abdomen?

Answer: The patient would dislike pressure on the abdomen, as this would aggravate the obstruction from the stagnation of Qi.

환자가 소장기통(小腸氣痛)() 보인다. 복부(腹部) 안진(按診) 환자의 반응(反應)?

() (안진 ) 기체(氣滯) 인한 폐색(閉塞) 가중(加重)되므로 환자는 복부(腹部) 안진(按診) 싫어한다.


H5. What is a likely cause of the pattern Small Intestine Qi tied?

Answer: Excessive consumption of cold and raw foods.

소장기폐색(小腸氣閉塞)() 가능한 원인(原因)?

() 과식생냉(過食生冷)


H6. What physiological condition does Chinese Medicine suggest favour infestation of the Intestines by worms?

Answer: A Cold condition of the Spleen and Intestines favours infestation by worms.

중의학(中醫學)에서는 어떤 생리적(生理的) 조건(條件) 장내(腸內) 기생충(寄生蟲) 만연(蔓延) 돕는다고 보는가?

() () () () 기생충(寄生蟲) 선호(選好)하는 조건(條件)이다.


H7. A patient has symptoms of Spleen-Yang deficiency and you suspect that the Small Intestine is also deficient and cold. Which symptom would confirm this?

Answer: Borborygmi.

환자가 비양허(脾陽虛)() 증상(症狀) 갖고 있다. 또한 소장허한(小腸虛寒)() 의심한다. 어떤 증상(症狀) 이를 확진(確診)하는가?

() 장명(腸鳴)