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G1-G8 (Stomach Patterns)

2016.09.20 20:16

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G1. What is the main function of the Stomach?

Answer: The Stomach’s main function is the ‘rotting and ripening’ of food.

() () 공능(功能)?

() 음식(飮食) 부숙(腐熟)


G2. Why is the position of the Stomach so important?

Answer: Because of its central position in the Middle Burner, at the centre of all the Qi pathways of the other organs.

() 위치(位置) 중요한가?

() () 중초(中焦) 있어서의 중앙(中央) 위치(位置), 다른 장부(臟腑) 기가(氣街) 중심(中心) 위치하기 때문이다.


G3. What is the pathology of tiredness, when Stomach-Qi is deficient?

Answer: The Stomach, with the Spleen, is the Root of Post-Heaven Qi, which means it is the source of all the Qi  produced by the body after birth. If the Stomach is not functioning properly, not enough.

 Qi will be produced and a person will experience tiredness.

위기(胃氣) () 경우 피곤(疲困) 병리는?

() () () 함께 후천지본(後天之本)이며, 이는 출생(出生) () 인체에서 생성(生成)되는 모든 () 원천(源泉)임을 의미한다.  () 적절히 기능을 하지 못하면 () 충분히 생성(生成)되지 못하여 피곤(疲困) 경험한다  


G4. How is the Stomach-Qi manifested in the tongue and the pulse?

Answer: The tongue should have a coating with a root. A pulse with Stomach-Qi should be gentle and relatively soft.

위기(胃氣) 어떻게 설맥(舌脈) 나타나는가?

() () 유근태(有根苔). 위기(胃氣) 있는 () 부드럽고 비교적 ()하다


G5. What sort of food is the Stomach said to prefer?

Answer: Generally the Stomach prefers foods that are moist and not too dry.

() 선호(選好)하는 음식(飮食) 종류는?

() 일반적으로 () 습윤(濕潤) 있고 너무 건조(乾燥)하지 않은 음식(飮食) 선호(選好)한다.


G6. Why is it important to eat at regular times?

Answer: Because of the natural flow of Qi around different organs during the day; it is important not to eat at a time when Stomach-Qi is inactive.

규칙적(規則的) 시간에 식사(食事)하는 것이 중요한가?

() 주간(晝間) 여러 다른 장부 주위를 유주(流注)하는 () 자연적(自然的) 흐름 때문이다. 위기(胃氣) 비활동(非活動) () 한꺼번에 먹지 않는 것이 중요하다.  


G7. What is the main symptom of Stomach-Qi deficiency?

Answer: Tiredness, particularly in the mornings (7 to 9 am).

위기허(胃氣虛) () 증상(症狀)?

() 피곤(疲困), 특히 아침시간 (오전 7-9)


G8. Why might a bowel movement aggravate epigastric discomfort in the pattern Stomach deficient and cold?

Answer: Because of the relationship between the Stomach and Large Intestine (Bright Yang).

위허한(胃虛寒)()에 있어서 배변(排便)으로 위완불서(胃脘不舒)가 심()해지는가?

() ()와 대장(大腸)의 관계(關係) (양명(陽明)) 때문