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F9-F15 (Kidney Patterns)

2016.09.17 10:48

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F9. What key symptoms would you look for in a woman to diagnose Kidney-Qi not Firm?

Answer: Dribbling after urination, chronic vaginal discharge and backache.

여성환자에게 신기불고(腎氣不固)()”으로 진단하는 경우 어떠한 증상(症狀)을 볼 수 있는가?

() 배뇨(排尿)() 여력(餘瀝)부진(不盡), 만성적(慢性的) 대하(帶下), 요통(腰痛)


F10. What characterizes the breathing of asthma caused by deficient Kidney-Yang?

Answer: The asthma is characterized by difficult inhalation (difficult exhalation comes more from a Lung imbalance).

신양허(腎陽虛)로 인한 천식(喘息)호흡(呼吸)의 특징은?

() 흡기(吸氣)곤란(困難) (호기(呼氣)곤란(困難)은 폐()의 부조화(不調和)에서 야기됨)


F11. What symptoms would you expect in an adult presenting with Kidney-Essence deficiency?

Answer: Weak knees, falling hair and weak sexual activity.

신정허(腎精虛)() 있는 성인(成人)에게 기대할 있는 증상(症狀)?

() ()무력(無力), 탈발(脫髮) 성기능(性技能) 감퇴(減退)


F12. If Kidney-Yang deficiency affects the Heart, what symptoms might you expect?

Answer: Palpitations and cold hands.

신양허(腎陽虛) () 영향을 미쳤을 경우 어떠한 증상(症狀) 나올 있는가?

() 심계(心悸) 수냉(手冷)


F13. What are the characteristics of the insomnia in an advanced stage of Yin deficiency?

Answer: Insomnia with falling asleep easily but waking several times in the night and in the early hours of the morning.

음허(陰虛)(많이) 진행(進行)된 단계(段階)에서의 불면(不眠)의 특징은?

() 쉽게 잠들지만 밤중에 자주 깨고 새벽 일찍 깬다.   


F14. What is the pathology of infertility in women in the combined pattern Kidney- and Liver-Yin deficiency?

Answer: It is due to deficient Liver-Blood failing to nourish the Uterus and deficient Kidney-Essence unable to promote conception.

간신음허(肝腎陰虛) 겸증(兼證)에서의 여성(女性)의 불임(不妊)의 병리(病理)?

() 간혈부족(肝血不足)으로 자궁(子宮)을 자양(滋養)하지 못하고, 신정부족(腎精不足)이 임신(姙娠)을 촉진(促進)시키지 못하기 때문이다.


F15. What pulse picture might you expect in the pattern Kidneys and Heart not harmonized?

Answer: Floating-Empty and Rapid or Deep-Weak on both Rear positions and relatively Overflowing on both Front positions.

심신불교(心腎不交)()에서 예상(豫想)하는 맥상(脈象)?

() 부허삭(浮虛數) 혹은 양쪽 척부(尺部)가 침약(沈弱)하며, 양쪽 촌부(寸部)가 비교적 홍맥(洪脈)을 띰