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C9-C15 (Liver Patterns)

2016.09.01 19:28

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C9. Which signs/symptoms would enable you to diagnose Damp-Heat in the Liver?

Answer: A feeling of fullness and heaviness and a sticky yellow tongue coating.

어떠한 증상(症狀)이 있으면 간습열(肝濕熱)로 진단할 수 있는가?

() 중만감(重滿感) 및 황니태(黃膩苔)


C10. What sign would you look for on the hands if you suspect Liver-Blood deficiency?

Answer: You would look at the nails, which may be withered and brittle from lack of nourishment.

간혈허(肝血虛)를 의심한다면 손에 어떠한 증상을 볼 수 있나?

() 영향결핍으로 인하여 시들고 부러지기 쉬운 손톱  

C11. A patient presents with blurred vision, dry eyes and a tongue without coating. Which pattern do you suspect?

Correct Answer: Liver-Yin deficiency.

시물모호(視物模糊), 안건(眼乾), 무태(無苔)의 설()이 있다. 의심하는 병증(病證)?

() 간음허(肝陰虛)


C12. What are the treatment principles to treat Liver-Yang rising?

Answer: Subdue Liver-Yang and nourish Yin or Blood.

간양상항(肝陽上亢) 치료(治療)원칙(原則)?

() 평간양(平肝陽) 자음혈(滋陰血)


C13. Give three symptoms of internal Wind.

Answer: Tremor, tic, numbness/tingling, dizziness, convulsions and paralysis.

내풍(內風)의 세 가지 증상(症狀)을 열거하시오.

() 진전(震顫), 경련(痙攣), 마목(痲木), 현훈(眩暈), 추축() 및 마비(痲痺)


C14. Which points on the Directing Vessel (Ren Mai) might you use to help the descending of Stomach-Qi if Liver-Qi has invaded the Stomach?

Answer: Ren-10 Xiawan and Ren-13 Shangwan.

 간기범위(肝氣犯胃) 경우, 임맥(任脈) 어떤 () 위기(胃氣) 화강(和降) 돕는데 사용하는가?

() 하완(下脘)(10) 상완(上脘)(13)


C15. A patient presents with blurred vision and palpitations. What is the likely pattern?

Answer: Liver- and Heart-Blood deficiency.

 시물모호(視物模糊) 심계(心悸) 있는 환자는 어떤 병증(病證) 가능성이 있나?

 () 간심혈허(肝心血虛)