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B1-B6 (Pc Patterns)

2016.08.18 10:45

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1. By what mechanism is the Lung channel often involved in Pericardium pathology?

Answer: Because the Pericardium is the centre of the thorax where it influences both the Heart and Lungs and therefore the Gathering Qi (Zong Qi). The Pericardium channel is the propulsive agent for the Qi and Blood of both Heart and Lungs.

폐경(肺經)이 심포(心包)의 병리(病理)에 관여하는 기전(機轉)?

() 심포(心包)는 흉곽(胸廓)의 중심으로서 심()과 폐(), 그리고 종기(宗氣)에 영향을 미친다.  심포경(心包經)은 심()과 폐()의 기혈(氣血)의 추진체(推進體)이다.


2. Why is there no tongue coating associated with the pattern Heat in the Pericardium?

Answer: Because when the Heat penetrates the Nutritive-Qi Level, it injures the Yin.

심포열(心包熱)()에는 설태(舌苔)가 없는 이유는?

()이 영기(營氣)속으로 들어가서 상음(傷陰)하기 때문이다.


3. A patient presents with insomnia, palpitations and a stuffy, uncomfortable chest. What is your diagnosis?

Answer: Blood deficiency of the Pericardium.

불면(不眠), 심계(心悸), 흉부(胸部) 경직감(硬直感) 불편감(不便感) 있다. 당신의 진단은?

() 심포(心包) 혈허(血虛)


4. Explain the pathology of the symptom of rapid breathing in the pattern Pericardium Fire.

Answer: It is due to the influence of the Pericardium on the Lungs.

심포화(心包火)() 있어 숨이 가쁜 증상에 대한 병리(病理) 설명하시오.

() 심포(心包) () 영향을 미치기 때문이다.


5. What are the two probable pathological precursors to the pattern Phlegm-Fire Harassing the Pericardium?

Answer: Spleen deficiency would lead to the formation of Phlegm. Fire, by condensing body fluids, would contribute to the build-up of Phlegm.

담화요심포(痰火擾心包)() 있어서 가지 전조(前兆)증상은?

() 비기허(脾氣虛) 생담(生痰), () 체액(體液) 응축시켜 생담(生痰)  


6. How would you expect the tongue to be in a patient presenting with the pattern Blood stasis of the Pericardium?

Answer: Either the whole tongue body would be purple, or purple just in the chest area on the sides.

심포혈어(心包血瘀)()에서 예상되는 설상(舌象)?

() () 전체(全體) 자색(紫色) 혹은 단지 폐부(肺部) 자색(紫色).