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Question 5.41-5.47 (Palpation)

2016.06.26 10:44

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5-41. What are the three different conditions indicated by a Wiry pulse?

Answer: Liver disharmony, pain or Phlegm.

현맥(弦脈) 의미하는 가지 병증은?

() () 부조화(不調和), 통증(痛症), 혹은 담음(痰飮)


5-42. What does a Knotted pulse feel like, and what does it indicate?

Answer: A Knotted pulse is slow and stops at irregular intervals, and indicates Cold and Heart-Yang deficiency.

결맥(結脈) 의미하는 것은?

() 결맥(結脈) 늦은 부정맥(不整脈)으로서, 한증(寒證) 심양허(心陽虛) 의미


5-43. If a patient’s four limbs feel cold to the touch, what might be indicated?

Answer: Spleen- and Stomach-Yang deficiency.

안진(按診)() 환자의 사지(四肢) 차다고 느껴진다면?

() 비위(脾胃) 양허(陽虛)

5-44. What is the particular feature of coldness in the limbs caused by Liver-Qi stagnation?

Answer: The coldness is particularly in the fingers and toes.

간기울결(肝氣鬱結) 인하여 사지(四肢) 차갑다면 어떤 특징이 있나?

() 특히 수지(手指), 족지(足趾) 시리다.


5-45. What does palpation of the area below the xiphoid process indicate?

Answer: The area just below the xiphoid process reflects the state of the Upper Burner Qi.

검상돌기(劍狀突起)아래 쪽을 절진(切診)하는 것이 의미하는 것은?

() 상초(上焦) () 반영하는 영역


5-46. If tenderness were felt upon light palpation of Ren-17 Shanzhong, what would you suspect?

Answer: Heart-Blood stasis.

전중혈 자리에 가벼운 안진(按診)으로도 압통(壓痛) 느껴지면?

() 심혈어조(心血瘀阻)


5-47. What is indicated by a soft and flabby lower abdomen?

Answer: A deficiency of Original Qi.

소복부(小腹部)가 연()하고 유약(柔弱)하다면?

() 원기(原氣)의 부족(不足)