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Question 3.56-3.59 (Sp & Lu)

2016.05.14 07:33

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3-56. Explain the role played by the Spleen and Lungs in the formation of Gathering Qi.

Answer: The Spleen extracts refined essence from food and sends it up to the Lungs where it is combined with air to form Gathering Qi.

종기(宗氣) 형성(形成) 있어서 () () 역할(役割) 설명하시오.

() () 정제(精製) 수곡(水穀) () , 수곡정미(水穀精微) 추출(抽出)하여 () 상수(上輸)하고, ()에서 청기(淸氣) 결합하여 종기(宗氣) 형성(形成)된다.


3-57. What is the direction of Lung-Qi? How does this direction of Lung-Qi aid the action of Spleen-Qi?

Answer: Lung-Qi descends. The Spleen relies on the descending movement of Lung-Qi to aid its role of transformation and transportation of Body Fluids. If the Spleen cannot transform and transport fluids, oedema may occur.

폐기(肺氣) 방향(方向)? 폐기(肺氣) 이러한 방향(方向) 어떻게 비기(脾氣) 작용을 돕는가?

() 폐기(肺氣) 하강(下降)한다. () 폐기(肺氣) 하강(下降)하는 움직임에 의존(依存)하여 진액(津液) 운송(運送) 전화(轉化) 역할을 돕는다. () 진액(津液) 운화(運化)하지 못하면 부종(浮腫) 발생한다.


3-58. If Spleen-Qi is deficient, how may Lung-Qi be affected? In this situation, what symptoms may occur? In Five-Element terms, how may this situation be described?

Answer: If Spleen-Qi is deficient, Food-Qi will be deficient and the production of Qi, especially the Qi of the Lungs, will be impaired. Symptoms such as shortness of breath, fatigue and a weak voice may occur. This situation may be described in Five-Element terms as ‘Earth not producing Metal’.

비기허(脾氣虛)이면 폐기(肺氣) 어떤 영향을 받나? 이러한 상황이면 어떤 증상(症狀) 발생하는가? 오행이론(五行理論)에 의하면 어떠한 상황으로 설명되는가?

 () 비기허(脾氣虛)이면 곡기(穀氣) ()해지고, (), 특히 폐기(肺氣) 생성(生成) 손상된다. 기단(氣短), 신피핍력(神疲乏力), 성음저겁(聲音低怯) 발생한다. 오행이론(五行理論)으로는 토불생금(土不生金)”에 해당한다.


3-59. Describe the relationship the Spleen and Lungs have with Phlegm.

Answer: If Spleen-Qi is deficient, fluids will not be transformed leading to the formation of Phlegm. Phlegm usually settles in the Lungs impairing Lung function. It is said that ‘The Spleen is the origin of Phlegm and the Lungs store it.’

() 관련한 () () 관계를 설명하시오.

() 비기허(脾氣虛)이면 진액(津液) 전화(轉化)되지 않아 () 형성한다. () 종종 () 붙어 () 공능(功能) 손상한다. 이것을 일컬어 () 생담지원(生痰之源), () 저담지기(貯痰之器)”라고 한다